Flossing Information from the Doctors at Lake Wylie Family Dentistry, PA

Some recent news outlets have reported that dental flossing is unnecessary. This appears to have started when the Associated Press asked the Department of Health and Human Services for evidence supporting flossing. Evidently scientific evidence is required for such recommendations... Read More



Tooth Fairy

The Tooth Fairy recently visited the office and made a special visit to "The Giving Tree Child Development Center" here in Lake Wylie, SC community

 Tooth-Fairy img



Dental health month

Drawing for a children's Sonicare Toothbrush

Here at Lake Wylie Family Dentistry, we promote awareness for good oral hygiene starting at an early age that lasts a lifetime!

Congratulations to our two winners Nolan and Daniel!



Terri and Nolan Tori and Daniel

Way to go guys!!!!!!

Training day with the Bethel Fire Department

We are always seeking and striving to make our office and environment a safer place. The volunteer Bethel Fire Department provided a training session on the proper usage of fire extinguishers. Then we went to the parking lot and practiced the procedures we learned. The "TEAM" did great and learned a lot this day.


Thank you Bethel Fire Department!