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Your mouthguard headquarters

Your permanent teeth are the only ones you will ever get. So it’s important to protect them in as many ways as possible. That’s why we focus on creating just the right mouthguards for your needs.

Mouth guard for grinding

If you clench or grind your teeth, we can design a mouthguard that will protect your teeth from the extra wear and tear you are causing. 


If you participate in any sports, especially contact sports such as football, basketball or soccer, our custom-made sportguards will protect your teeth while you play. Ask us how we can help you protect your smile no matter what kind of activities you’re involved with.


A nightguard is simply a mouthguard you wear at night. If you clench or grind your teeth in your sleep, we can design a nightguard that will protect your teeth from the extra wear you are causing. Nightguards basically protect your teeth while you sleep. 

Sleep apnea appliances

A sleep apnea mouthpiece would be fabricated once the patient has been diagnosed by an ENT or another medical physician for the disorder. We work closely with the physician to help you manage the sleep apnea. This device gives you another option to help you breathe easier during sleep and have a healthier lifestyle while you are awake.

PlaySafe custom sports mouthguards

Customize with your school name, or own name, and your favorite team color.

Includes the guard, the appointment to take the custom impressions and the second appointment to deliver the custom sports mouthguard.

Talk to us about your need for a sleep apnea mouthpiece or mouth guard for grinding. We’re here to help you. Call 803.831.8856 or fill out our online Appointment Request form to schedule an appointment with a general dentist. Our mouthguard patients come to us from Rock Hill, Lake Wylie, Clover, Steele Creek and York in York County, SC.