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  • Thomas N. Stall, DMD

    "I was lucky to have a great dentist when I was young, and I never found anything I would rather do. I treat patients the same way I would treat my family - the same way I would like to be treated. Most of all, I want to give my patients confidence, function and greater comfort."
  • Stacy L. Blackmon , DDS

    "I prefer to educate my patients about their options and let them make the decision that's best for them. I hope to give every patient the wisdom to meet their current dental needs and educate them about how to prevent future dental problems."
  • C. Andrew Snell, DDS

    "Dentistry is unique in that, on any given day, I'm a healer, a technician, a listener and a manager. I enjoy having the ability to improve someone's self-esteem, smile and health. I treat patients as family members. I hope to give them knowledge about their oral health, reasons to be proud of their smile and hope for a bright future."

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